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BK Zombie
i make things. i don’t need/get much sleep. i like sweets and foods that stop the heart. i don’t particularly care for fish, microsoft products, poor typography and “wedding music”. i hate the goddamn rangers. i love to play football (not the american kind). i like to sing random theme/improvised songs to the delight and misery of those around me.

this site is a place for personal projects and the like. if you’d like to see any of my professional design work just reach out and I’ll show you some recent work samples and my portfolio.

i’m into this stuff:
art, design, bonsai, hockey – NJ Devils, football – Chelsea FC, Die Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft, graphic novels & comics (preacher, fables, 100 bullets, hellboy, sin city, sandman), horror, history, philosophy, poetry, literature and culture in general. Deutschland, Éire, speaking german & spanish (sometimes mixing them up into what i like to refer to as sperman), chess, scrabble, handmade things.


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  1. Josh E says:

    I’d love to see that “I’d Rather Walk Alone” design on a t-shirt! KTBFFH!!

  2. macieK says:

    nice werk!
    i work at in nyc and we often use gfx artists on freelance basis
    if you are interested, send me a rate sheet or some sort of portfolio link
    or swing by!

    btw i came across your site when i found that awesome graphic of th nj devils-rangersuck..
    nice work, you’d make a killing in t-shirts… lets come up with a couple designs?
    btw, i hate the Rangers as well, im die hard nj devils fan… and a big futbol fan as well

    blah blah

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